Liebster Award 2013

Well, it’s happened. I’ve received my very first blogger award. That still sounds a bit weird to say. I never thought I’d ever have readers at all (besides you, dad), let alone ones who would take the time to nominate me for anything.

But, my colleague and fellow convert Joseph Richardson of The Lonely Pilgrim has awarded me the Liebster Award, and thus made it impossible for me to nominate him back, the sly rascal. (For those of you who haven’t been reading the Coat that long, I featured him as my blogger of the week back when I was still doing that, because I find his theological tracts extremely thought-provoking and well laid out. Unlike me, he’s a big fan of supporting his arguments, whereas I just tend to get emotional.)


The Liebster Award was designed as a way to recognize and increase the readership of smaller blogs (when it was created, this was under 3,000 followers, but now this has been lowered to no more than 200 followers). It also gives old readers a chance to learn something new about the blogger who receives it.


The Official Rules as of 2013

The requirements for accepting this award are:

  1. Post the Liebster award graphic on your site.
  2. Thank the blogger who nominated the blog for a Liebster Award and link back to their blog.
  3. The blogger then writes 11 facts about themselves so people who discover their blog through the Liebster post will learn more about them.
  4. In addition to posting 11 fun facts about themselves, nominated bloggers should also answer the 11 questions from the post of the person who nominated them.
  5. The nominated blogger will in turn, nominate 9 other blogs with 200 or less followers (We’re guessing for our nominees) for a Liebster award by posting a comment on their blog and linking back to the Liebster post.
  6. The nominated blogger will create 11 questions for their nominated blogs to answer in their Liebster post.

Seems simple enough. Ok, let’s do this. My answers and nominations are after the jump.

11 Random Facts about Me

1. I’m allergic to cilantro, which is rather a sad food allergy for someone who enjoys Indian food, Georgian food, and Central American food. The good news is that it has an easy-to-recognize flavor, so it would be terribly difficult for someone to spike my food with it without me noticing. Take that, peanut allergies!
2. The longest-held job I’ve had so far was at one of the local wineries, where I worked for four years. Among my various responsibilities, I served wine tastings on days it was three-deep to the bar, led half-hour cellar tours, and labored in the kitchen creating nine-course tapas for an average of 25 people a day. It proved to me that I really perform well under pressure, and instilled a lifetime of food and wine knowledge.
3. I live in the same house I was born in, and have lived here in Northern Michigan my whole life (unless you count four years of college in Ohio and four months living in Austria on exchange).

4. When I was a child, my parents thought that I was going to grow up to be either a lawyer or a criminal because I had a talent for finding loopholes in anything and exploiting them for my purposes. This has also led me to be a formidable debater if I feel that something I care about is on the line.

5. I have one older brother who was my best friend in the whole world growing up. Except for the time he locked me in a suitcase when I was little and forgot about me. That wasn’t very nice.

6. The longest romantic relationship I’ve ever been in lasted for four months. I think it’s because once I figure out something’s a dead end, I don’t see the point in prolonging it. It could also be the fact that I’m passionately in love with an Italian poet from the 13th Century, and no one can compete with my beloved Signore Alighieri. Now you also know why I was a Lit major.

7. I’m really very fond of weapons. I don’t have a particularly violent personality, but I love the way most of them feel in my hands. I’m most comfortable with bows. I’m still a bit leary of guns, but I find target shooting to be thrilling and oddly relaxing.

8. I have a tiny scar on my thumb from when I used to whittle as a child and sliced my thumb open with my pocket knife. That was my only real scar until I broke my ankle. Now I have a LOT of scars. My favorites are the four dimpled ones on my lower leg and heel where they had to drill steel bars into my leg to stabilize my injury.

9. I believe in most things until proven otherwise. This isn’t because I’m a credulous person, but because I can’t believe that the world is such a cold and sterile place. Besides, many mythological beasts (such as spirits, hemophages, shapeshifters, animaphages, elementals, tricksters, and draconics) appear in legends all over the world, so there must be a grain of truth to those stories.

10. I think the Enlightenment was probably the worst thing to ever happen to human thought, and if I could travel back in time, you can bet I would gather all of the Enlightenment thinkers in an underground bunker and keep them there until they promised to behave, or until I ran out of Twinkies to feed them (I’d make a brief stop in 2011 to stock up).

11. I have always secretly wanted to be a princess. Just, sometimes, I’ve wanted that princess to be Xena.


Questions from the Lonely Pilgrim

1. How long have you been a Christian? How long have you been in the particular faith tradition you’re now in, and was there any journey involved in getting there? 

I was raised Christian, so I’ve been one for 22 years (ignoring the two years in the middle there when I was a closet pagan). I’ve been a Catholic for 7 years as of the Easter Vigil, and there was one heck of a journey getting there involving rebellion, a reverse Reformation, travel to new and exotic places, and some mysterious circumstances. Yes, I’m aware this isn’t really an answer.

2. Do you have a favorite bird? Why that one, or why not?

My favorite bird is the raven, because like me, they enjoy shiny things, meat, and generally being obnoxious. Also, in mythology, they play the dual role of trickster and messenger from heaven, and I suppose I identify with that.
3. What kinds of music do you listen to?

All kinds, but I especially love Classic Rock. Bob Seger is my soulmate.
4. What languages do you know, and how well?

I know a few words in a lot of languages, but the only one I know well (besides English) is Spanish.
5. Who is your favorite superhero, and why?

I have to say, I’m partial to Iron Man, because he’s so very human. He’s got issues, and he hates himself, but he’s still a sassy genius.
6.Do you like breakfast, and if so, what’s your favorite thing to eat for breakfast?

I have a regular breakfast that’s a fried egg, turkey, and cheese on toast. I’m also partial to oat bran with dried fruit and cinnamon.
7. What’s your favorite book of the Bible, and why?

Tobit. Because it’s the coolest love story ever, and there’s even a magic fish!
8. What about biblical people: Who are your favorite people in the Old and New Testaments, respectively? (If you pick Jesus, pick a second one, too — He kind of has an unfair advantage.)

From the OT, I really like Judith because she was such a badass. She’s my hero. From the NT (besides Jesus) I love Peter, because he’s just so adorably impulsive and still manages to be a good leader.

9. What Bible translations, revisions, or editions do you prefer?

I was raised on the NIV, but the Catholic RSV is pretty good.
10. Coffee, or tea, or both, or neither? (And if neither, what in the world do you drink?)

Both, depending on the time of day, my mood, and the alignment of the cosmos.
11. Do you know your personality type, by the Meiers-Briggs Type Indicator? What about your Temperament?

I have the odd combination of an INFJ type with a Sanguine/Choleric temperament, so I’m a squirrely introvert!


My Nominees

1. Rosalie at Da Mihi Sanctitiam and I became friends freshman year when we had Latin together, and were roommates and household sisters for a while. She’s a young wife and mother, and super Catholic to boot. Her blog is full of mommy wisdom and strong theology.

2. Katie over at Set Apart (Formerly Diary of a Passionate Phlegmatic) is another old friend of mine from college, and a fellow member of the Honors Program. She was a Catechetics major, thus beating me to the punch, but I don’t hold that against her. She’s a lovely young lady and a very approachable blogger.

3. Yet another college buddy and Honors alum (see a trend yet?), Bob Tanaka of The Catholic Nerd explores how Catholicism interacts with popular culture. He’s got a very strange, dry sense of humor, which is one of the reasons he and I used to co-write a humor blog together, and he manages to blend this with truly useful insight.

4. I met Luke Bennette at The Flair of Virtuosity when we were in Franciscan’s production of Coriolanus way back in my Sophomore year. He writes some very interesting poetry.

5. The Back of the World is a fellow convert and member of New Evangelists Monthly, and is a very thought-provoking and introspective blogger. Well worth the read!

And. . . I’m out of small blogs that I read. Darn.


Questions For My Nominees:

  • Why are you Catholic?
  • Who is your favorite author, and why?
  • If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
  • Imagine you could travel to any time period without consequences. Where would you go, and what would you do there?
  • What is your idea of a perfect burger?
  • Why do you blog?
  • What’s your favorite mythological creature, and why?
  • What are your thoughts on angels?
  • What was your very first blog post (on your first blog) about? How do you feel about that post now?
  • What is your dream job?
  • If you were canonized, what would you want to be the patron saint of?

8 thoughts on “Liebster Award 2013

  1. Best of luck to you!
    Continued success!

  2. Hey sounds all good! Congrats too! I like people who GO for the gusto life gives! God bless! you might like my other blog as well… healthybodiesandsouls(dot)com Have a great one!

  3. Yay! Hope to have questions for you soon. Haven’t landed at my keyboard yet.

    • E. G. Norton says:

      Fantastic. Thanks again!

      • You are mightily welcome, and it’s well deserved.

        My parents always told me that I should be a lawyer, too, for the same reasons. But by nature I’m much more emotional than logical and inclined to lean towards that in arguments. Supporting arguments was a discipline I had to learn in school, and I’m really not very good at that kind of argument in person because I do get emotional and upset.

        And your answer about your Catholic journey is a fine one. I hope to pick up pieces of the story along your way. 🙂

        Because it’s fun:

        1. Why are you Catholic? Because it’s the Church Jesus founded. How I got there is the longer story: I’ve been trying to tell into for a year and a half and I haven’t come up with a succinct answer yet. But I would say the keys were the authority of the Magisterium, the historicity of Tradition, and the unity and catholicity of the faith.

        2. Who is your favorite author, and why? I’ve always said Lloyd Alexander, whom I discovered as a kid but whose books I still enjoy a lot. He poured a lot into my sense of romance and adventure.

        3. If you could have one superpower, what would it be? I would say telepathy, especially if I had a very friend or soulmate who I could communicate with all the time. How awesome would it be, to be able to share the parts of your mind and thoughts that are so hard to express in any other way? But what a burden it would be, to be able to read other people’s minds.

        4. Imagine you could travel to any time period without consequences. Where would you go, and what would you do there? Without consequences, I presume, means that I can’t screw up the timeline for anybody today? I would be tempted to go to biblical times, to witness the history of salvation or even meet Jesus in the flesh! But I would also be so fearful of something like that — God has revealed Himself to me in the way He has, and it seems so presumptuous to circumvent that! Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe! The one I would more likely do is visit the antebellum South, say, 1850 or so, and live there for a few years — witness for myself the way things really were, that historians can only grasp at, and the fearful drama of watching everything come unraveled over that decade.

        5. What is your idea of a perfect burger? I am really not that imaginative about burgers. I’ve been pretty pleased with Five Guys.

        6. Why do you blog? Because writing is in my bones, and I feel I have things I can share. I want to share with the world the joy and fullness I’ve found in the Catholic Church, and contribute in some way to the healing of wounds with our separated brethren.

        7. What’s your favorite mythological creature, and why? I suppose I love hobbits — but they’re more fictional than mythological. I would say dragons, in all their awesome and dreadful beauty.

        8. What are your thoughts on angels? I’ve always believed in them, since Scripture attests to them, but I’ve tended to be skeptical about ideas of angels and demons being all around us — until recently. I really trust and believe that there is a battle going on in the spiritual realm for our souls. I discovered only last week this, which I had never heard of before Holy Saturday, but it’s changing my life.

        9. What was your very first blog post (on your first blog) about? How do you feel about that post now? Oh dear. It was probably about why I was creating a LiveJournal and why I was being anonymous and shadowy. It’s kind of embarrassing now.

        10. What is your dream job? To teach history, Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Bible, and theology at a small Catholic school or college. It’s an insane thought to think of taking that much on my plate, and no school would let me do that, probably; but I really loved teaching at the small school I did before. It would be so monotonous to limit myself to just one subject. I want to share all the things I’m passionate about.

        11. If you were canonized, what would you want to be the patron saint of? Lost travelers would be good, though I think St. Anthony has that one covered. People with depression and anxiety, maybe — St. Dymphna has that one, but it’s a pretty big bowl and she might welcome some help. It would be funny to be the patron saint of Protestants and Protestant converts. I’m praying for you even if you don’t believe I’m praying for you!

  4. BobTanaka says:


    I’ll post my answers either later today or tomorrow; I’ve got a backlog of posts I need to get done today and, oh yeah! That actual job I’m supposed to be doing while I read your posts.

  5. BobTanaka says:

    Took a little longer to post than I expected due to personal issues.

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